Our Background

As expatriates ourselves, we understand the financial obstacles you face, and our focus is to remove these obstacles so that you can enjoy your expatriate life. We work with clients across the world who value looking at financial planning and investment management through a global lens. The financial advisors at Cross Border Financial Planning USA have a wealth of knowledge and experience advising international private clients, and the advisors themselves have worked in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States. Through our strong network of tax advisors, lawyers, and other professional advisors around the world, we deliver a team-based approach to support our clients’ unique circumstances.

Our Mission

In an ever-changing global landscape, we believe everyone should have access to skilled, financial advice, regardless of an individual’s location. Our mission is to provide expert financial advice for clients with a footprint in multiple countries. We build long-term, trusted relationships so you know, wherever you end up living, you can rely on our firm and your advisor to consistently serve your needs.

Edward Cole

Partner and Cross Border Financial Advisor

Jason Walker

Managing Partner and Cross Border Financial Advisor

Philip Teague

Non-executive Director

Our Values


Trust is discussed frequently in the financial-advising industry.  What differentiates us, however, is that we understand trust takes time and we are ready to invest that time with our clients to build a strong foundation.  From the outset of our relationship, we endeavour to understand our client’s unique needs, assessing personal risk, setting goals, and determining investment preferences. We ensure our clients fully understand our investment process and how we construct investment portfolios, including providing full transparency on costs. We translate financial jargon into everyday language, helping our clients understand the world of finance.

Prior to any commitment to invest, we ensure our clients are completely on-board with our tailored strategy. And, after a client invests, we conduct ongoing reviews and maintain open lines of communication to foster our relationship and provide our clients with peace of mind.


For globally-mobile clients, security is an evolving concern.  We want our clients to always feel secure about their finances, so we prioritize internally- and externally-facing security measures.  

Security comes from knowing our clients, their families, and identifying and mitigating risks.  As advisors, we do not custody money ourselves; we work with multiple custodians based in the United States. We objectively review and select the custodian based on a number of factors, including financial stability, multi-jurisdictional experience, size of firm, competitiveness, and service. As our clients live in different countries, we match our clients with a custodian who is comfortable with onboarding clients in the client’s jurisdiction. Additionally, our globally mobile clients are more reliant on e-mail and, as such, more prone to cybersecurity attacks. We collaborate with our clients to minimize these risks, and by knowing our clients, we can identify any unusual requests.


We are here to serve our clients, who we understand have unique and specialized needs. We are ever ready to help with all requests from clients, from discussing investment questions, explaining the implications of financial markets on an investment plan, to distributing funds to another country, exchanging currency, or reporting tax information for a different jurisdiction. We want to partner with you, over and above a yearly review, to provide the best financial advising experience possible.